What you can expect

Yes, this is another Cincinnati blog. Cincy has always been my home and I’ve always enjoyed hitting up all the cool new happenings. But I want this blog to showcase the hidden nooks and crannies that the Queen City has to explore.

One of my goals is to visit every branch of the public library. Why? Just because. That’s pretty much going to be the motto of this blog. (It is called Dorkopolis after all)

I’ve got lists and lists of places that I can’t wait to uncover including creamy whips, parks, chili parlors (not including Skyline and Gold Star), record stores, comic book shops, and other exciting gems found off the beaten path.

I’m also a Yelp Elite, and I attend many of their events regularly. It’s a wonderful way to discover local businesses, and I am happy to share my findings on this blog. You can find links to my Yelp account, my personal Instagram account, and my Insider page on CincinnatiUSA.com at the bottom of my blog’s homepage.

If you have any suggestions for future endeavors, please send them my way!


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